An Ache-full of a Weekend

Yesterday was absolutely a painful day for me. Not emotionally but physically, I was having a headache the whole the day. It felt like my skull was about to break open. So I drank Biogesic (paracetamol) every 6 hours trying to relieve it but still to no avail. So decided to sleep and rest but unfortunately, the pain won’t still go.

I just woke up right now but still I can feel the headache but I have no choice I need to stay awake and earn a living. I need to settle some bills too and prepare for my vacation this week. I am a bit excited and at the same time anxious. When I will be at Bacolod, I have too many things to do and the number one thing is to TALK sense to hubby.

Anyway, I will try to finish all bills and tuition fees today. I hope my headache would not intensify because of the heat. It’s hot outside and I will be walking around under it. I don’t bring an umbrella because I always forget it somewhere.

So, how did your weekend go?

2 thoughts on “An Ache-full of a Weekend

  1. Ouch! I don’t usually get headaches but the husband does. Kakaawa minsan kasi he still goes to work even if he has headache…he hates missing work so he just pops a migraine or pain reliever pill to help him get by.

    I hope your headache didn’t get any worse. Take Mommy…

    Mommy J

  2. i used to get headache all the time…thank God it went away with the magic… now i get headache when i worried to much or stress. i need a break. i guess our lay off or end of our job is good in someways… whenever that is i will definitely take a break.

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