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An Apple for His Birthday

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My son will be celebrating his birthday this coming November and we have already planned something special for him. We will be in Manila during that time so we might take him to an amusement or theme park. Incidentally, the purpose for the trip is two-fold. One is for my son’s birthday and the other is for the grand eyeball of the online community I have formed with Filipina female bloggers all around the world.

Anyway, even though I know his birthday celebration will already be a special one, I still want to give him a gift. He already has a lot of toys so I don’t think I would be giving him more. Besides, he’s growing up too fast and soon, he’ll outgrow all his toys.

I’m planning on giving him an apple nano instead. He loves listening to music so I’m sure he’ll appreciate the gift. I heard that the nano is now sporting a new design and it now offers a touch screen feature. So I guess it would have to be the hands down choice.

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