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At long last, after nine months of waiting, I have finally received my SSS maternity benefit from my previous company in COLD CASH! Yup, I could not deny that I am happy because I have money already but it also saddens me because tomorrow I will be paying a lot of bills with it.

Another thing, I might not be going to Bacolod. I received another text from my hubby. He has changed his mind again. He is now making excuses that he wouldn’t want us to come back if we are not complete. Yeah, he may sound so sweet and all but that is just another excuse. He enjoys his life there, being single and free. He doesn’t even bother to keep an open communication. I text and email him but he doesn’t give an effort to reply back. I always end up loading his mobile phone but still I find myself calling him. And when I call him, he always gives me a cold voice. Gesh! I really am stupid!!

I guess some of my faithful friends and avid readers were right. I should better think twice before I decide to return back to Bacolod. I might have the noble desire to work my marriage out but the saying goes, it always takes two to tango!

Hahai…I am a little bit of a blue right now. I should be thinking of valuable interim posts that are supposed to help other fellow bloggers in making the best in blogging but I always get stuck up with my stupid marriage life to buzz about. It sometimes made me wonder if my stupidity is a valuable lesson in life to other married or those in serious relationships…heck what am I thinking!

Anyway, I should go back to refocusing and reorganizing my life again and again and again. Gesh, Louise! When will this stop!! Grrrr to myself!

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Pinay WAHM August 14, 2008 - 11:01 am

Hay buhay….parang layf. I guess you really have to sit down and think things out. Ikaw lang naman ang pwedeng maka pag decide kung ano ba ang dapat gawin, di ba?

I wish I can be of more help…just remember andito lang naman kami backing you up on whatever decision you come up with.

Ingat lagi and goodluck….

Mommy J


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