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Just awhile ago, I visited my Inbox at EntreCard to check on those who have dropped at my blog. This is a usual routine for me since I really appreciate the concept of online business cards. It is like a personal touch when someone drops at your blog.

At my Inbox, I was lead to a blog called Article Specialist’s Blog Network. I was really amazed by his articles and I should say that indeed he is a specialist in the field of article writing. Not only he is good in this field but he has also a good heart. He is giving away 100 EntreCard Credits for free. Yes! I repeat…it is for free! He is not holding a contest but he is generously giving it for free. The only thing you need to do is write a post about him and email him through the EntreCard mailing system and inform about your post. By the way, if you post everyday about his blog, you get 100 EntreCard Credits for free everyday! Isn’t that “VERY” generous? Why not visit his blog now to see what I am blogging about and you may be the next one to grab free EC credits today!

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