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Do you remember that I already write my entry here about web directories way back the month of July of this year only. I have included to the post what a web directory is, right? And why do we need web directories. If you are one of my daily reader or just a often visitor, I bet you would know about that, eh?

Anyway, for those who still do not know, a web directory is a directory in world wide web. It is a link directory. Just like the telephone directory we have, where it has a list of telephone numbers of a company, commercials, business, or even just normal residents. A link directory has a list of links of companies, commercials, business, or even a plain netizen who have a website and wants some more exposure.

A web directory helps a website to gain more visitors. It helps you optimizes your websites traffic. Web directories like dmoz, and yahoo directory are two which I trust when it comes to listing some of my blogs. It really helps me a lot, since I listed my blog to them, I generate a lot of visitors here and I am glad about it. 🙂 How about you? What is your favorite web directory? The one who brought a real traffic to your site.

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