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Apart and Still Limited

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My daughter and my son have just completed their first day away from each other for the first time. It seems that they already missed each other since both always asked about how each other is doing. My daughter sends me constant text messages while my son asks about his sister. Though it’s making me sad, we all need to sacrifice so that the family will be intact sooner this Christmas and hopefully next year. I am really praying that life would be kind to us this time.Anyway, I am also quite happy that I am able to communicate with my eight years old daughter through text messaging. At least I am reading the things she feels inside while we are apart. Aside from that, when my unlimited internet access will be installed, we will be chatting now almost every day with her using my laptop at Cagayan and me my desktop here in Bacolod. We will also be seeing each other since both of us have webcams. But for now, I have to wait for my internet access here hopefully tomorrow or the next day. I am still using my prepaid mobile USB internet access.

By the way, I also missed visiting and dropping to many of my online friends. I also missed lurking at their blogs, reading without commenting…LOL!! I also have many pending tags to post and many things to share. Being internet limited is driving this mommy blogger nuts. I hope they fix the problem soon. Grrr…

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Vhiel November 25, 2008 - 10:15 am

don’t worry kids adjust faster than we think of… but the constant communication will help as well.

hopefully your family will be together finally


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