Apologizing for My Absence

I have no updates for the past few months as I have been very busy with my volunteer work. Yes, I did some volunteer work in Vietnam for three months. I taught English to children and even professionals.

While I was there, I also continued working with my client online. I taught English for 24 hours in a week including weekends. So, I spent the rest of the time preparing for my lessons and working online. Aside from that, I did researches for writing project about musical instruments of famous brands such as Craviotto, Sterling and others.

My hands were full while I stayed there. And since I had accumulated a lot of work from my other projects, I am still busy up to this moment. Even after arriving (a month has passed), I continue to be busy. With this, I apologize. I may not be able to update this blog with relevant topics. I will write again as soon as I clear up some of my pending projects. I hope you will stay tuned for that!

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