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Applying for College Entrance Examination

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School is finally here. Summer vacation has been finally put to an end. Kids are getting back to school. While some kids find school frustrating -having to wake up early and sleeping late at night doing assignments- others find it very challenging particularly those who are in senior high school. They are getting extra excited that school shall be commencing because it will be their last year in high school.

Hopes are high for these graduating students. It’ll be the last year towards achieving their next phase of the education system – college. Getting college entrance examination now rigs the minds of these students. With tops universities giving tests that will substantiate their entry to the university they choose, it is the University of the Philippines that have many entrance takers each year. Nonetheless, only a few percentages of the examinees passed the UPCAT each year.

For those who have passed the exam, it is paramount that parents passed Income Tax Returns to show family’s income and expenses. This is significant to ascertain the bracket of each student. Because the UP System varies the tuition according to the income of each family, it will become the basis for the tuition cost computation. Generally, the lower the income the family has, the lower the bracket for the tuition payment for each UP applicant. To add further, it is too important to submit financial data -income, assets, and disbursements- with no errors & omissions insurance, to avoid problems which can lead to the applicant non-admittance to the premier university.

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