Arrived Safe and Sound


Hello all! Missed me? Hehehehe… I have safely arrived from Cagayan de Oro City to Bacolod City yesterday afternoon. The arrival time was quite late because of the breakdown the boat had while going to Cagayan but the trip was well and smooth.
Anyway, I tried to stay away from any internet café as much as possible but I guess “once a blogger always a blogger” works well with me. Besides, I have a contest running so I opted to better check it out. ^_^
Speaking of the contest, I have received 12 entries already. I will not approve the comment just yet. Maybe next week, a few days before the contest end to give time for the others to search about these two beautiful cities that I have always considered my hometown in the Philippines.
I can’t stay that long since I am in a café but I will be back soon when I get settled with some of the errands I need to finish here. And the Masskara Festival is getting more exciting because the highlight is fast approaching; don’t want to miss out all the good food, delicious food, and enjoyable music. So guys, see you soon all later! Take Care!
P.S. Sorry I can’t drop back and blog hop. I will try to make up soon. Muahs!!

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