As Usual, Delayed! *

They have called me twice and texted once last night just to inform me that the passenger ship we are supposed to travel with will arrive around 2pm today. So that means we will be leaving Cagayan de Oro around 7pm, another 5 hours delay.

Well, I guess I was not really surprised. I even gave them my mobile number freely when I bought our tickets. I was kinda expecting the same thing since I started traveling with them last year.

Anyway, I am quite blessed in this matter already. I don’t have to spend time and money waiting at the pier because I lived within the city. If the time is at hand, we will just go there to board. But for those who are not from the city? Their budget will be exhausted than the expected time. Most of them have already stayed in Cagayan de Oro ahead of time just to make it before the departure. Well, it would really be OK if the shipping company offers free stay at hotel or give out free meals. At least that would compensate the delay they are causing.

Gesh…if I had the money, we would have taken a connecting flight to Cebu then to Bacolod. That would be faster and the delay would only be minutes or even if it was hours at least you will arrive within the same day.

I guess I will be online for a few hours more before I pack up my lappy! πŸ˜€

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8 thoughts on “As Usual, Delayed! *

  1. That is one of the trademark of the pinoys which should be erased, being late is really annoying especially if your schedule is critical… hay… even airlines are usually delayed.

    Newi.. take care… especially on your condition, it wouldn’t be easy to travel.

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  3. It’s really bad that they keep delaying like that 😈 But at least you don’t spend money on the wait and that’s great, sis πŸ™‚ Just enjoy the trip *hugs*

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