Asthma Management for Your Child: Tips and Tricks


As a mom with an asthmic child, I truly understand parents who are struggling with asthma management with their children. Aside from that, the horror comes when your child is having an asthma attack. But, throughout the years, I have finally learned how to live through the ordeals of having an asthmatic child.

My daughter hospitalized because of her asthma attack.

As parents, ensuring your child’s respiratory health is crucial, especially when dealing with a chronic respiratory condition such as asthma. Effective asthma management requires a holistic approach, from identifying asthma triggers to ensuring that emergency medications are always available. In today’s blog post, I will be sharing with you some tips and tricks on asthma management in children:

Understand Asthma Triggers

Knowing what triggers your child’s asthma is the first step to effective asthma management. Common asthma triggers include allergens such as pollen and dust mites, exercise, air pollution, and even stress. Once you have identified your child’s triggers, you can take steps to avoid them, reducing the likelihood of asthma attacks.

My daughter sures to have an asthma attack when she does extreneous exercises, exposed to foul smells, and air pollution including smoke from cigerattes. Well, she doesn’t have an asthma attack immediately, but it will jump start it.

Create an Asthma Action Plan

Working with your child’s doctor to create an asthma action plan is critical in managing your child’s asthma. This plan outlines your child’s triggers, medications, and what to do in case of an asthma attack. Follow the procedure carefully and update it regularly, as your child’s needs may change.

I personally don’t have an idea what an asthma action plan was until my daugther was hospitalized where a highschool classmate who is a pediatric doctor was assigned. She introduced me to having an asthma action plan. It was actually a bit late because a few months from that moment, my daughter turned 18 years old. Well, even if it was late, I was glad that I came to learn about that and we have a new doctor for her right now. So, we can update it regularly.

Proper Inhaler Use

Inhalers are crucial to asthma management, but ensuring your child uses them correctly is essential. Teach your child how to use their inhaler and administer the medication properly. Also, check the expiration dates on the inhalers regularly and replace them when necessary.

My daughter was introduced to inhalers during high school as she was out quite often. We use a nebulizer at home when she was younger.

Keep Emergency Medications Ready

Despite your best efforts, your child may still experience an asthma attack. Be prepared for emergencies by keeping emergency medications, such as a rescue inhaler, at home and on hand when traveling. Ensure you and your child’s caregivers know how to use the medication in an emergency.

Whenever we travel or even when she goes to school, I always make sure she has her inhalers with her.

Effective asthma management involves understanding asthma triggers, creating an asthma action plan, proper inhaler use, and being prepared for emergencies. These tips and tricks can help your child manage their asthma and improve their respiratory health.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is just some of the things I do to manage my child’s asthma as per advice of her doctor. Please consult a doctor for a medical advice.

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