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Attended #ThePlantitaProject from Forest Lake Memorial Park

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Attending online seminars has become a trend nowadays. After all, this pandemic is keeping everyone at home. But just like true-blooded Filipinos as we are, being resilient is one of our strengths. We will continue to strive and in the sector of learning, whatever it may be, we will continue to learn… learn online.

Last Saturday, I was privileged to attend Forest Lake Memorial Parks’ 2nd webinar of their Creating Better Days free webinars series advocating on mental health and well-being – The Plantita Project. The had two speakers, namely Ms. Olive Medina, owner of Lorenzo’s Sanctuary, and Ms. Samantha Morales, a licensed nutritionist-dietitian.

The event was hosted by Ms. Issa Litton and opened by their guest of honor Dr. Beverly Ho from the Department of Health.

Ms. Olive Medina discussed about how to grow your own food with love and earn from it, learn how to compost and save on fertilizer costs, and to save time by learning to create your own self-watering pots. While Ms. Samantha Morales taught about five nutrition tips to prevent or manage common lifestyle diseases, did a food demo as she introduces two easy and affordable immune-boosting recipes.

From Ms. Medina, I enjoy her composting tips. Here is a screenshot for that:

Aside from that, her business tips are also good to take note.

Ms. Morales tips on preventing or management common lifestyle diseases was something that really stayed on my mind. I am over 40 and I could use these tips. I took a screenshot of the summary down below:

I learned a lot from the webinar and I am looking forward to more of their Creating Better Days FREE webinar series. Thank you Forest Lake Memorial Park for this event. My time was definitely well-spent!

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