August 2011 Top 10 Commentators

Thank you so much for my August 2011 Top 10 Commentators!!!

  • Ane Ane (19)
  • Jasmin Jasmin (17)
  • mela mela (17)
  • shydub shydub (15)
  • Pinx Pinx (12)
  • Prescription Glasses Prescription Glasses (8)
  • zoan zoan (8)
  • gagay gagay (7)
  • Businessgirl Businessgirl (6)
  • The Average Jane The Average Jane (6)

I only feature three blogs on my sidebar, so this month I am featuring Ann, Jasmin and Mela! Congrats!!!!

Now, September is another great month for me! Why? Well, September is the birthday month of my youngest Bella Grace and after all the things she had been through I can’t help it but be thankful as the days of her life passes by. So, to all my commentators, stay tuned for fabulous announcements!! :yes:

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