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    A Tranquil Night of Relaxation and Quiet is Waiting for You

    Is life in the fast land getting you down? Are you longing to spend a peaceful night of quiet relaxation far from the city? Are you worried that you simply aren’t getting enough rest? If you’re ready for some R&R outside of the office, you might be thinking about taking some vacation days and heading out to the wilds of Texas, or maybe even Yellowstone. But did you know that you don’t have to go anywhere near that far to get away from it all? Were you aware that there’s a place right here in Oklahoma where you can go to find peace? A New Series Of Classic Cabins Is…

  • Health

    Top 6 Healthy Breakfast that You Can Make in No Time at All

    When you’re running late for work it’s tempting to skip breakfast and grab something on the run. But since breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, you’re likely to want to snack mid-morning and eat more for lunch. A good, healthy breakfast is one which will fill you up until lunch time and provide enough calories to let your brain work to its maximum. Here are six ideas for healthy breakfasts which you can rustle up in no time at all. Omelette with Smoked Salmon This is one of the most filling and healthy breakfasts you can have, so try and make time for it at…

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    Green Tea: What Really are the Health Benefits?

    There’s something powerful within Green Tea. Most people have heard rumours about the legendary health promoting properties, but what are the facts behind the claims that are made for Green Tea? From weight loss, to cancer, from cardiovascular disease to clear skin, the claims are bold and not all of them are proven. So what can we say about Green Tea to sort myth from reality? What’s In It? If we consider the chemical and herbal components of Green Tea, we can see that there is quite a mix. One of the main contributors to health is the very high number of polyphenols. Whilst this is what gives the tea…

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    Samurai Sword

    If you or a loved one is passionate about weapons, antiques or Japanese history, a samurai sword would make a great wall decoration or gift. While there is a great difference in quality of the steel, handle, decorations and strength, you could find authentic samurai swords for upwards of $250. If you see lower prices they are most likely not real steel or well put together. The Katana or Samurai Sword (left) and Tachi sword (right). Hits: 541 229Shares229