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    Samurai Sword

    If you or a loved one is passionate about weapons, antiques or Japanese history, a samurai sword would make a great wall decoration or gift. While there is a great difference in quality of the steel, handle, decorations and strength, you could find authentic samurai swords for upwards of $250. If you see lower prices they are most likely not real steel or well put together. The Katana or Samurai Sword (left) and Tachi sword (right).

  • Health

    Top 10 Tips for Getting in Shape After Pregnancy

    While the arrival of a new baby isn’t the ideal time to create a new exercise and diet regime, it’s perfectly possible for new mums to reclaim their figure – even if it means taking baby along for the ride. The secret lies in long-term investment rather than falling for promises of quick-fix solutions. Patience Don’t expect miracles – it takes approximately 40 weeks to gain pregnancy weight, so it can easily take a similar length of time to lose it. Breastfeeding Do not start dieting in the weeks after giving birth – especially if breastfeeding. Reducing the amount of food during this period can cause the body to start…