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Availed Debt Consolidation

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Last Monday, I received a letter from one of the credit card companies that I owe to. Since, my payments were delayed they have asked me for a full payment of my due. I was really sad about this since I have no money to pay it all in full but when I read the second letter, they were giving me a debt consolidation offer. All I had to do was to call their local credit department here in our city and settle the issue.
Since Monday was a holiday, I was able to make the call just yesterday and guess what! I got my credit card dues consolidated. I can now pay for my outstanding due within the next nine months with fix interest provided I don’t miss a due date. Isn’t that great!

Now, all I have to do is to save up always for my monthly dues and make sure I wouldn’t fail a date. Wow…I guess life could still come up with a surprise for me! Hopeful me! Thank you GOD!!

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