Awards Received by My Other Blogs

I toot about being happy right?? And then I blogged about winning the April Gift Certificate at GOTPINOY…and now, I am so happy to announced that my blogs, MOMEMO and PM DigiScrap, got their very first award from fellow friends from the blogosphere!! Talk about being so happy!!
MOMEMO got a Mother’s Day Award. It was given by Emz of Emilia’s Illustrated Blog.

And the PM DigiScrap got an Arte Y Pico Award from Len of Celebrating Life’s Memories. Arte Y Pico Award is given to a blog “for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.”

Wow! Isn’t this amazing?! Well, I know you have experienced receiving an award and you probably understand what I am feeling right now…especially for first awards right??

Another happy moment to celebrate!! Thank you God!!


3 thoughts on “Awards Received by My Other Blogs

  1. oy. you’re awarded with the greatest mom already. nevermind… you deserve a second greatest mom award – for all the sacrifices you made just to be with your kids.

  2. Hi I just saw your profile on one of my friend’s blog. This is cool. I like your topics. And congratulations on your awards.

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