Awesome 2015


I don’t remember doing an annual blog review but I do remember that I made a post about how my memorable 2014 went by. So, I decided to make another one for 2015.

What happened in 2015?

Being a self-proclaimed geek, I started my  collection in 2015. I bought my first FUNKO POP Olaf in January. As the months passed, I bought several more. To date, I have 10. Not enough to say it’s a collection, but I am getting there.


In our local bloggers organization (CDO Bloggers, Inc.), I was elected at the VP for Internal Affairs for 2015. I took charge on membership. I had a great time with all of them!

CDO Bloggers Induction of Officers 2015

Credits to CDO Bloggers, INC., FB Page

My eldest attended her first prom. And guess what, I think we all did!


Around March 2015, I had the privilege to talk to students about blogging in a local college. Aside from blogging, I also spoke about online ethics.

I also had time to process my children’s passports. Getting ready for future travels!


During summer (April and May), I joined the “Foundation for Victory” at my local church. We met every week. Aside from studying God’s word, I get to meet new friends along the way.

Foundation for Victory

At the end of summer, my youngest daughter won an online contest. She became an ambassador for Apollo Chocolates.

Apollo Chocolates

Apollo Chocolates Awarding Ceremony

Apollo Summer Selfie 2015 Winners

Apollo Chocolates Summer Selfie 2015 Winners

Am not really fond of running but I was glad that I did twice last year. I participated in two 5K fun runs during the first half of the year. Hope to run again this year though.

CDO Fun Run

Amyway Run and Freedom Run

2015 is surely one of my unforgettable years. I experienced a lot of new things that I know will forever stay in my heart. I had my first international travel. I went to Vietnam as a volunteer teacher for three months. It was such an awesome experience!

Students in Vietnam

Campus Students

Students in Vietnam

Out Campus Students

I lived in Tra Vinh City for the entire duration but I was able to visit different places like Vung Tau City, Cai Be, and of course, Ho Chi Minh City. During my stay in Vietnam, I gained a lot of new friends from different walks of life. I tasted different delicious dishes and drinks! Being able to experience a different culture, I learned to appreciate life even more.


Vung Tau City


Ho Chi Minh City

When I came back, our Victory Group already expanded! Well, we technically fused two VGs due to time constraints. Hehehe… BUT, I am glad to have met these wonderful ladies! See you more often this 2016.

Victory Group

Credits to IG: @jenjacqs

2015 wasn’t all ups and happy times. There were a lot of downtimes too BUT still, I thank God for the experience. I also thank my family and friends who supported me along the way. Indeed, I had an awesome 2015!

My Awesome 2015

How about you? How was your 2015? What are your expectations this 2016?

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