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Health is not always easy. But to be honest, to be healthy means to eat right and exercise. Simple, eh? Maybe not.

Maintaining your good health becomes hard because we tend not to think about our health when we think there is nothing wrong with our body. We lavish on foods that are unhealthy and we always give excuses not to spend time to do the right exercises that promotes healthy body and mind. It is only when we have certain disease that we start to think of doing the right thing, health-wise. But should we really need to wait for our health to deteriorate before we take care of our selves? Now is the good time to start being healthy and learn about different vitamins that can help maintain your health.

We can get most of the vitamins that our body needs through the food we eat ( except Vitamin D and Biotin). We should always eat foods that are rich in vitamins. When your food intake doesn’t contain all the necessary vitamins that your body needs then, you will become vitamin deficient. There are different effects of vitamin deficiency. The effects will depend on which Vitamin you are deficient from.

Points to remember about vitamins:

Vitamin A
Vitamin A helps maintain healthy hear, nails and skin and help eyes. If you are deficient on this, you may suffer dry eyes, blindness and unhealthy skin and hair.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B group helps digestion and metabolism. They are necessary for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver. They are critical for the function of the nervous system. Deficiency on this vitamins can cause depression, anxiety, muscle cramping, fatigue, insomnia, low levels of energy, diarrhea and it lowers quality of blood and its ability to transport nutrition and oxygen.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is necessary for tissue growth. It stops oxidation of cells. It is a powerful antioxidant, antihistamine and anti inflammatory. When you are vitamin c deficient, you have poor skin, easy bruising, bleeding gums, excessive colds, allergies and much more.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D allows the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous. It is also important for strong teeth and bones. Lack of Vitamin D may lead to osteoporosis, brittle teeth and bones.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E helps the body heal. It helps the skin from drying. It aids the body in forming red blood cells and slows aging. Lack of Vitamin E results to early aging and increased risk of cancer.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K’s primary function is blood clotting. If you are deficient then you will have excessive bleeding and bruising.

Research show that as we age it gets harder to absorb the vitamins that our bodies need. It was also found out that nutrients from liquid sources are easily absorbed compared to pills or tablets. Taking liquid B vitamins ensures that our bodies can easily absorbed the required vitamins we need. Liquid vitamins comes in great tasting flavor and it is even sugar free so it is safe to take. If you maintain a busy and hectic lifestyle, don’t forget to have an ample supple of vitamin supplement to help sustain your energy.
Make your first step towards greater health today. Be sure to take your vitamins and it will surely keeps the doctor away.

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