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Baby Boy. Big Boy.

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My youngest son is often called baby boy by everybody in the house. So, he has this mindset that he is indeed the youngest and he has all the rights to all baby stuffs and accommodation.
One time, while we were strolling at the mall, he saw a Bob stroller (in his mind, it’s some sort of a car). He told me that he wanted me to buy that one for him. So I told him immediately, “That is for babies and not for you.” After saying that to him, he gave me a direct and firm reply, “Then you can buy it for me because I am you baby boy!” Now tell me? Do I have the right to argue with that? LOL!!After that incident, we decided to call him “Kuya” or older brother. He is not a baby anymore but a big boy! I guess toddlers are very sensitive nowadays especially with the words we use.

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