Baby Boy is Positive

Yesterday, my son and I went back to his pedia to get his skin test results read. As I have already seen the spread of the redness of his skin, I already suspected that my son is positive of Primary Complex. So when we arrived and the doctor measured the redness, it has reached to 18mm which is beyond the normal of 10mm to be negative. After that, the doctor has issued me a list of medicines he needed for his six months treatment. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy it until now since we already lacked the budget to buy them. I am hoping next week we will be able to buy them when my husband receives his salary.

So, what is primary complex? Primary Complex is a term used to describe tuberculosis of the lungs. This term is used if the patient that has it is a child. This can now be treated using three primary drugs namely Rifampicin, Isoniazid, and Pyrazinamide. The treatment takes at least six months for the child to be cured.

Since my baby boy has it, my husband and I have decided to have my daughter checked too as soon money is available. If she has one, then we will sacrifice much of our income to their treatment. So when their younger sibling comes out, we wouldn’t have any problem of him/her getting infected too. The only thing we hoped is that our children will grow healthy.

I may sound so calm but I am not. I am already thinking of ways to do so that I can contribute to their treatment. With too much debt from the past, I need other ways to earn not only for paying the bills but also for the medicines too. I hope and pray I will be strong enough always to do some online freelancing as I already quit my job as a virtual assistant. I was not able to last a day since I have been weak too myself.

I guess the year 2009 has lined up another batch of trials to test our faith in God and His power. If I were overweight right now, I wouldn’t need any weight loss products since my problems are really causative to the decline of my weight. But the sad fact is, I am already thin and I need to gain weight for me and my baby. Oh well, irony of life they say!

Anyway, I thank God that Primary Complex is curable!

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