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Baby You Can Drive My Car!

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I was once asked about my dream car. My usual answer was anything that runs good in less fuel. I guess that is my prompt reply always since I know that I have limited financial resources. But if I were to be asked again about my dream car if I have enough money in the world, I would proudly answer this: 2008 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt (in Satin Black)!!
I guess everybody knows why. If you remember Steve McQueen from the movie ‘Bullitt,’ having a Ford Mustang parked at your garage would definitely say it! The style, the comfort, the Bullit wheels and the action would really make all things stand out!

Aside from being related to the famous Hollywood movie, I have read several good reviews about this car. Most reviews say that performance is definitely awesome. The dashboard is very neat and beautiful while the seats are made for comfort and ease. The sound system is also overwhelming! Most owners say that they don’t regret buying one. The additional dollars you cash in that stands out amongst other car are definitely worth it.

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