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Back Online from Our New Place!!

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Guess what! I am now publishing this blog posts from our new place. Yup, that is right. We are no longer in Barangay 35 but we already have moved to Barangay 16 of Bacolod City. This time we live nearer to my children’s school. Their schools are all walking distance away from home. No more fare budget for them! Yehey!!

Anyway, I was glad that our internet connection was installed immediately. I thought I will be offline for more than four days. Fortunately, the Smart Broadband contractors here in Bacolod City are very fast. I got my connection up today (was offline since Saturday night)! Though I got my connection, I am also unhappy because the speed that I am experiencing is not the same as before. I am far from the base station which means there are many blockages in between. But I am still thankful that I can access the internet again, I just hope that the rain won’t be terrible because it also affects the connection.

Updates…updates…updates! Our place is still a mess with all the unpacked things we have everywhere. Our electrical wirings are also a mess since we need to install new ones to give way to some of our appliances. Our landlady got hospitalized (she suffered from a high blood pressure). The two family boarders moved-out (where they threatened by us?) which means we get the whole house by ourselves for the moment. My husband is with us…he moved in even though I said I was moving out only with the kids. He said…he wants and loves his family (oowwss!!).

By the way, I would like to thank all the people who committed and purchased through my HELP ME SAVE FOR MY BABY STORK FUND. So far, I have two confirmed purchases and few commitments in the next few days. I also thank my friends who posted about this in their blogs as a support to help me get more clients. In behalf of Bella Grace and the whole family, we would like to give our utmost appreciation to all of you. Thank you very much!! Hoping and praying for more clients.

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