Back Pain

I missed going to church today. I woke up late with a painful back. My eldest told me that she is worried we are absent from Church. She loves going their and enjoys their Sunday School lessons. It somehow made me felt so guilty inside. As parents, we owe it to our children to guide them in knowing God but not only to them but even to ourselves.
Anyway, I am hoping and praying that next week, we will be able to go to Church. I am not a perfect person but it really pays to hear the Word of God. It makes you feel comfortable and gives courage.

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3 thoughts on “Back Pain

  1. Hello dear,
    hope you’re feeling better now..
    am sure your daughter understands..
    relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend..
    take care :]

  2. ruby, all we need is to spread love:
    Hope you get well soon…

  3. hi sis get well soon, patingin ka sometimes its UTI (just like me) i thought frequent na pagPC lang, UTI na pala yung cause ng backpain ko

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