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Back to School Checklist

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The summer holidays can feel like a blissful eternity – that is until supermarkets and high street stores start to litter every department with back to school reminders for everything from stationary to school uniforms. You want to enjoy every day of the summer holiday with your kids, so planning ahead and getting their back to school essentials early on should help you to beat the end of August rush for new school shirts, lunch boxes and whatever else they need to pack in their school bags.

To take the hassle out of getting your kids ready for the new school year, here is the ultimate Back to School Checklist:

Smart School Uniform
Whether your child is starting their first year at school, or they are simply returning after summer, a smart school uniform is an essential end of summer purchase. Kids grow quickly and school uniforms can be subjected to plenty of wear and tear during the school year, so it is always advisable to buy a new school uniform every year. While September may be quite a warm month, remember to prepare for winter by also purchasing school jumpers or cardigans.

A Complete PE Kit
Regular PE lessons are an important part of any child’s health and wellbeing. Just like school uniforms, a child’s PE kit can start to look quite tired by the end of the school year so make sure you update their sportswear too. Most schools also include swimming lessons in the PE curriculum, so don’t forget to purchase all the necessary swimwear needed. Swimwear specialist’s Zoggs have a great range of swimming aids and accessories such as swimming goggles and swimming earplugs to help them build their confidence in the water.  In many schools, swimming caps are also an essential piece of swimming kit.

Lunch Time Essentials
 In most schools, paying for your children to have a cooked lunch every day can cost a fortune! Save money and keep the kids healthy by planning ahead with your own homemade lunches. There are plenty of fun lunchboxes that will keep food cool and fresh. A healthy lunch option that is quick to make is tuna sandwiches on wholemeal bread, and don’t forget to pack them some tasty rice cakes and fruit for snacks throughout the day.

Stationary Saviours
Get your kids excited about the new school year by kitting them out with some smart new stationary. From a pencil case that is decorated in pictures of their favourite cartoon or band to some colourful new pencils and felt tip pens, kids go throw stationary quite quickly so it is always handy to treat them to a new selection of pens, pencils and crayons every September.

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