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Early this morning, while my baby girl was asleep, I heard her crying in her sleep. I was worried because tears really fell off her closed eyes. So, I woke her up and asked her why she was crying and she told me that I died in her dreams. That really shocked me but I hugged her immediately. I told her I am still alive and no need to worry.
After that, the thought of dying stayed on my mind, questions popping inside my brain and too many “what ifs” came in too. What if I die and they are still young? Who would take care of them? My parents are too old; they can’t find work anymore to sustain my children’s needs. With that in mind the whole day, I was thinking of getting life insurance quotes to find a suitable plan for me. I think I need to set aside a portion of my earnings for my children’s future. Death is an inevitable circumstance. We will arrive there sooner or later. I think it’s better to prepare something that I could leave behind, no matter how small. But I also pray to God, that it would not be soon for me. Please GOD!


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carlamaldita September 19, 2008 - 4:36 am

di ba kabaliktaran daw ang panaginip..?


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