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Bags and Wallets: My Favorites!!

I am not really a fashionista but I have a taste in fashion. I like beautiful dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. I buy anything I set my eyes on but it is not often because I prefer wearing out my old ones before I buy a replacement. Example, if I have a sandal, I wear it until it’s all worn out and that is when I buy another one. But except for one – BAGS and WALLETS!!!

I can wear the same blouse, jeans or sandals over and over again and I won’t get tired of it until it’s worn out but with bags and wallets, well, I can’t help it if I find something I really like. I collect bags and wallets in different colors and shapes!! Sometimes I use them and most of the time I don’t. I just love seeing my bags and wallets stored in my closet.

Speaking of bags and wallets, I saw a site that sells tula. Not a Filipino dish but a bag brand. Tula bags are beautiful handbags made using quality leathers. I check out the online shop at and I can’t help but feel in love with TULA! They are all so beautiful!!

Anyway, I did a little research on the background of the manufacturer of Tula Bags and Wallets. Guess what?! They are around in the business of making leather bags and wallets from leather 30 years already! And they have committed that all their products should be designed to last longer than any ordinary leather bags and wallets. They also produced the most beautiful designs and colors in the market.

Before I forget, check out today. They are having a sale on TULA products right now. You can get them at 10% to 50% discount. Don’t worry; they ship worldwide for products ordered.

As for me, too bad, I can’t buy one for now. I am still preparing for my baby’s arrival. So I guess its better luck next time for me.

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