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Baking is One of My Frustrations

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If there’s one thing I haven’t yet tried, it would have to be baking. I would really love to try and learn it not only because it is a fun and relaxing hobby but it can also be a source of extra income. I know a few friends who bake goodies and then sell them and they make a decent amount of money from it. In fact, a friend’s friend resigned from her work at the Korean embassy so she can concentrate on baking and she now caters to a lot of clients.

One baked goodie I want to try to make are Brownie Pops. It’s very famous probably because the best sellers of sweets and baked goodies carry them. These yummy treats are notorious during parties and as favors in special occasions.

Brownie Pops are brownies formed into balls and dipped in chocolate frosting and can be showered with candy sprinkles. I’m sure once I learn how to make these decadent brownies that look like lollipops, they’re going to be a big hit with my kids.

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anne April 27, 2011 - 9:16 am

I’m the same way. I seem to always need to have someone there with me when I attempt to bake just so I don’t burn anything or mess up the recipe. Hahaha.

Good luck on the Brownie pops!


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