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BARKing at Work!

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I got out from work early today. I had a flu with cough and colds. I was hoping I could stay longer because the remaining demands of my work but unfortunately…I was barking like a dog (coughing I mean). I was ashamed that I asked my big boss that I wanted to go home. I was no longer presentable and workable at the office.

Anyway, I got out at 2:00pm. I was thinking what would my salary look like with all my leaves and half-days. I got so stressed-out so lately. Well, I don’t expect much now. I am just hoping I have something to pay for other pending bills.

My mom bought me a medicine…it’s called BIOFLU. It’s new here in the Philippines but many people find it effective and kept on recommending it to me while I was at work.

Now…I am not barking anymore at work. I am barking at home. LOL!!

I guess I need a little rest and more water…or more blogging??

What do you think??

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