Bathroom Plans

My father left a few weeks ago. He went back home without me since I needed to finish some tasks here in Bacolod. Though the school year is far from over, I need to go back home as early as February. I will go there and help prepare our home renovation.

Since our budget is not that much, the plans we had for our bathrooms might be delayed. I asked my father to prioritize the division of our house and the little kitchen we shall have.

Anyway, I am still going to proceed with our plans but now for only one bathroom. Cause you see, what would a house look like if we don’t have a bathroom just even one, right? It would be hard for us to go to my parent’s house just to ask if we could use the bathroom at the middle of night, duh!

My first bathroom plans involves widening of my room and installation of a hot and cold shower. But after what is happening lately with our finances, I might stick with widening of my room to give a bigger bathroom and installing tiles (simple ones). I guess some of my bathroom plans shall be put on hold for a few more months until I am able to save money for its beautification.

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