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Beautiful BathroomWithin this year, my family and I have already moved twice, from my husband’s boarding room to an apartment nearby and now to our new place with a sari-sari store upfront. But to be honest, I have been moving places ever since I lived here in Bacolod City. Why…simply because I am not a native here and I am only an adopted Negros Blogger.

Anyway, in my exodus kind of life, there is only one thing that could make me settle in a rented abode and that is a good bathroom! Well, I am not looking for a bathroom with Moen faucets installed but a comfortable and clean one. For short, if the place is not that beautiful but the bathroom is clean or better tiled, I will surely go for it! I mean the bathroom is where cleanliness starts for me. And if I don’t feel that I got cleaned inside my bathroom, well, I think I won’t feel anything clean in my body the whole time!

Our new place is not that beautiful compared to our old apartment but since the bathroom is amendable for me, I am already settling in!


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Krista September 9, 2009 - 2:30 pm

wow! ganda ng cr ah. try mo ito.. pwede mo customized cr mo. pero game lang ‘to ah hehe >

admin September 9, 2009 - 6:41 pm

Our real CR doesn’t look like that. Hehehe… But that seems to be an ideal for me.

Anyway, thanks for sharing the link to this cool flash games. Quite cool!


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