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Initially, I was planning on buying a special bed or mattress for my parents when we move back to CDO to replace their old bed. I wanted a bed that would make their sleep restful since they are not getting any younger.

However, it seems as though I would need an orthopedic mattress for myself as well because lately, I’ve been suffering from backaches. I’m worried that these backaches might lead to full blown osteoporosis especially since I spend a lot of time seated in front of my computer and it’s taking its toll on my posture. Sleep sometimes becomes unbearable because of the pain in my back and I definitely know that only a bed that offers the appropriate support will do for me at this juncture.

The bed I have now doesn’t help in relieving the pressure points on my back. As it is, I already am an insomniac and the pain on my back only makes the situation worse. So I guess I really need one and fast!

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