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You probably might say it is a weird title, I may say so myself. But kidding a side, you can really get a bed in a box. Memory foam can be delivered in your house inside a box (US only)! Well, you see memory foams go back to their true size when pulled out in a box. So, you don’t have to worry if your foam will not feel good.There’s a great website that offers memory foams in a box. They also provide a guaranteed 120 day in home trial and a 10 year full warranty. Not only they have memory foams in a box, they also have adjustable beds, massage chair, beddings collection, and even customizes mattress for RVs, yachts and tall people!

By the way, they accept returns but it has to abide with the returns policy. But I guess you won’t be returning it. They have a lot of good testimonials from satisfied users!

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