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Being Jobless is Not the Problem

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I have seen a lot of people who are jobless. Some of them complain about not having a job. Some people also complain that the government is not helping them or assisting them in getting one. Most of them complain about it but doesn’t do anything about it.

Well, there are a few jobs available but not all of these people are qualified. Some who are qualified to take construction jobs but are still jobless because they want a job that they are not qualified like going to an office. The problem mostly is not jobs but the attitude of the person. They complain of not having a job but when there is a job available, they don’t apply for it because they want something else. And if they do have a job, they complain about low salaries and then they decide to quit.

Anyway, not all jobless people complain without having a job. I for one am jobless but I don’t complain. Though I am not employed, I am still earning money from my online endeavors. I try to make ways to meet my needs by looking for money making opportunities that are legitimate.

So, if you are jobless, look for a job or if you don’t want the job available, then start your own business and be your own boss. Complaining doesn’t earn money, making one does!

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