Being Sick this Month


Some of my close blogger friends knew about this. They knew that I am almost always online because I have been at home sick. After the week that my house help left me, I was able to get cough and colds. It didn’t go away as much as I expected from drinking medicines but rather caused me to stay more at home. I go to work but sometimes go home because I don’t really feel good barking at work. So, just lately, I tried my old hobby of drinking vitamin C to get rid of it immediately but unfortunately I took an expired one!! Of course, it added to my sickness…I had an LBM and caused me to stay again at work – barking and going to the C.R. more often!

Anyway, my LBM is gone now…all I have left is my cough and colds but it’s getting OK now. I ate apples, took “unexpired” vitamin C and drank plenty of fluids.

Hopefully, I will be back at work tomorrow. Back to finish the remaining days I have to render to them. I will be staying more at home more when my resignation will take effect and probably blogging more often and making more friends and money!! LOL!!

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