Bella Grace Turns One Month

Today is October 23 and Bella Grace has just turned one month. It just made me realize that time flies so fast. The once little bundle of joy has now turned into an arm full of joy. She has grown heavier and fuller.

Anyway, I couldn’t deny the fact that the arrival of Baby Bella really changed the way I go about with my life. Since she is quite fussy around 12mn to 10am, I am having sleepless nights carrying her while she sleeps. If I put her down, she cries frantically as if she is going to fall off from the bed. When she is held, she sleeps like an angel and felt secured in my arms. Though when I was pregnant, I was awake during these hours but I was working and quite productive but now all I can do is just sit in front of my PC while carrying her. Typing blog posts seems to be an insurmountable task if you do it with one hand…particularly the left. Bella wanted to be carried in my right arm or with both while she sleeps standing straight up. So when she sleeps in the morning, I have no choice but to sleep with her too. I need to rest up with her so that I will have the strength to carry her all night long.

Now, I consider myself as a part time blogger. Full time blogging is definitely not in season right now. I already have my hands full!

8 thoughts on “Bella Grace Turns One Month

  1. Literal na hands full mommy! Magbabago pa ng sched ng sleep c baby Bella. Pero true na ang bilis ng panahon, 1 month na agad sya 😉

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