Bella’s First Contest Debut – Please Vote


When I was doing my unusual blog hopping, I came across a blog that asks her readers to vote for Jillian Rylie Opeña Cottrill at the Pinoy Smiles Contest for the month of October 2009. So after voting, I decided to join the contest for the month of November 2009. So guess what?! I submitted two pictures of Bella Grace, making her the youngest finalist for the contest!

Before I go on with my work looking for a franchise opportunity, let me ask all of you to please vote for Bella Grace at Pinoy Smiles Contest November 2009 starting November 3, 2009 at 12:01am (Pacific Standard Time). You can vote daily until the end of the month. I will update you with the link where to vote. For the meantime, here is the entry picture that they have chosen below.

So please watch out for Bella’s first contest debut! Please vote and support her! Thank you very much!!

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