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I like buying gifts for my loved ones and friends. I like choosing things that can match the receiver and what they really need. I don’t want to waste good money on useless gifts that will just be re-used as a gift to another person. I want to give a thoughtful gift, something that will be cherished by the receiver.

My mama has helped me so much this year. She came here where I live so that she can help me take care of my kids while I work. She left my ageing Papa back in our province just so she could help me. Mama had tough times here and I think she really gotten older because of the problems that we have. I think that it would be a fitting gift to give mama an anti wrinkle cream so that at least she will no longer have more wrinkles than what she already has. My Mama has worked hard for our family and I love her dearly. And I want her to take care of herself as well.

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