The Best Mom Award

Amidst the trial and tribulation in my life, I am still happy that some of my good friends still remembers me when they give out awards. For this special award, I am thanking my friend over at {girl}forallstatus. Thank so much Mommy!!
Now, I am sharing this award to all the special mommies out there especially Mommy Juliana, Mommy Genny, Mommy Lalaine, Mommy Janet, Mommy Elvz, Mommy Regayumi, Mommy Mitch, Mommy Luana, Mommy Dharlz and Mommy Vhiel.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Mom Award

  1. Hey…

    thanks for this…very much appreciated!

    I’ve been here several times na today . Just wasn’t able to leave you a note kasi medyo naging busy.

    You don’t deserve anything your man is doing to you. None of it whatsoever. His choice of friends only shows what kind of a person he is…

    Stay strong….never believe that you are what your husband wants you to think you are.

    Andito lang kami….just holler and we’ll come.

    Mommy J

  2. Hi mommy Ruby,

    Wow! Thank you again for this wonderful award. I greatly appreciated it.

    Thank you also for always remembering me whenever you’re giving out an award.

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