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Bible Cruise on July

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I have gone for a massage for my back pain. I have taken some pain reliever already but my backpain is still there. I think all these stresses emotionally and physically are causing me this pain. How I wish I can just leave everything and take a break and relax. Do nothing and just feel the fresh air.
One of my dreams as of this time is to go for a relaxing cruise, not just an ordinary cruise but a Christian Cruise. It would sure refresh me emotionally and spiritually, hearing the word of God from the Bible teachers that will be on board too. This is actually going to happen and it’s all ready in July.There will be Christians from all over to go for this cruise. What is unique about this is that there will be teachings about the Word of God while on cruise. These Bible Cruises are really worth going. I wish I can join them. But of course, I have to face the fact that I have to stay and go on with my being at home, taking care of the kids and my husband, working on my opportunities, plus taking care of the household matters. But it would be great to be able to join these Christian Cruises. I can just wish.

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