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Big Girl is Home


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Good news! Yesterday my big girl has gone out of the hospital. We were quite very happy because her diarrhea is nothing of viral or bacterial origin. She was just dehydrated – well, “very” dehydrated.

So, here are some pictures we took while waiting for the discharge order. I didn’t include mine. LOL! I looked like a vampire with red eyes. I haven’t slept yet when I went to the hospital.

Big Girl with Student Nurse Ms. Ivy

Big Girl Cried

Now, we are back home. She is still resting. No school yet. Maybe tomorrow. Again guys, thanks for those who prayed for the speedy recovery of my Big Girl. Muchas Gracias!


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Pinay WAHM September 2, 2008 - 6:04 am

Awww….naiiyak naman ako. Seeing her [and any other kid for that matter] in such situation just makes me really teary-eyed. The husband is always the one who stays with our little one in the room whenever she has to get her shots. I always ‘go’ to the bathroom…

Sure glad she’s home and resting.

Mommy J

ivy, xustudent nurse September 3, 2008 - 9:39 pm

hi ma’am ruby!..i finally got 2 vsit ur site..hows micah and the family??..


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