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Billing Automation

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Life as a stay at home mommy is very difficult in some degree especially if you are also trying to help make ends meet with the family’s need. You need to be organized and try to make time to all things.

As for me, I am a blogger and I offer blog hosting services to fellow bloggers. That means I need to have a lot of data that I should need to organize and take into account. Sometimes, because manually doing all things is affordable for me, I prefer keeping my accounts that way but sometimes I wish I could afford a document management system so that I could keep track all their payments, request in a more detailed way.

Anyway, I am planning to implement automatic billing system in the future but this also means my hostees will have an increase in their hosting blog packages so that I could afford to automate all things. And by that, I am not sure if they would like it as we all know the dollar is losing power in the market for the past few days. 🙁

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