Birds – a Great Choice for a Pet

Adding a new pet to the family is not a decision that should be made lightly. It is crucial to select one that will fit your lifestyle. While cats and dogs are probably the most popular choice, if you are a person that can’t really make time to walk your pet regularly or simply cannot stand all the hair lying around in your house, then a bird might be the best choice. They don’t need much and you can save money on your bird related purchases with Kohl’s coupons from Discountrue.com so it’s not financially straining either. Still, those who are seriously considering adopting a bird as a pet should take the time to research the topic and educate themselves further.

birds as pets

1. They’re Smart

Birds are often underestimated in the smarts department, but they have an innate ability to process new information in no time. If you’re looking for a pet with more intuition than a cat or dog, then a bird definitely fits the bill (no pun intended!). Humans are only scratching the surface when it comes to grasping all of the amazing ways that birds use their brains. Having a pet that can converse with you is unique and a bird owner should be able to spend time enriching the animal’s environment.

2. Easy To Care For

Cats and dogs essentially have free reign over your home, whereas birds are used to living in a more controlled environment. When you need to head to work or get some housecleaning, a pet bird can be placed in its cage with little to no problem. You do not have to walk a bird or clean up after disgusting messes. While you will have to clean a cage on a daily basis, this is for most a lot more appealing than following Rover with a pooper scooper.

3. Naturally Clean

Birds are very clean animals and do not require a great deal of grooming from their owners. As long as you keep your bird happy and healthy, they will put in the effort to keep their coats clean. A simple mist spray helps them to shine their feathers and the bird also benefits from baths and showers in plain, clean water that is tepid. The nails and beak do need some trimming, but this can be done professionally if you’re short on time.

4. They Are Sociable

Dogs and cats get all of the credit for bonding with their humans, but birds are even more sociable than their feline and canine counterparts. Prospective pet owners who have the time to put in will be rewarded in kind, but those who do not should steer clear. Otherwise, birds have a tendency to become unhappy and combative. Remember – it’s a living creature that needs some love, too.

5. Bird Food Is Inexpensive

If you are trying to keep your food costs low, purchasing a smaller pet is the way to go. As a result, feeding a bird is much less costly than feeding a cat or a dog. A high quality diet that is breed specific is inexpensive, but be sure to keep an eye on the bird’s health, since they are quite skilled at hiding ailment and disease.

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19 thoughts on “Birds – a Great Choice for a Pet

  1. This post is certainly for me as I can’t keep a dog due to my work life and I am not big on cats so that leaves me with fish or bird and I am thinking nemo can wait as I am thinking birdie it is

  2. We had a quaker parrot for a long time. That bird was so smart and we taught him so many phrases. He could even sing a chorus of a song from a Disney movie! He was so easy to take care of too. The entire family loved that bird.

  3. Those are some great reasons to have a bird as a pet. My kids (and hubby!) have been trying to talk me into letting them get a bird, and now it’s even harder to say no, lol!

  4. Birds are cute, I had no idea that they were such a great choice for a pet. I love the info you shared today, made me think about birds as a pet!

  5. Birds sound like they make great pets and I know people who own them but they are not for me! I have a small fear of birds so think I will stick to my fur babies!

  6. I’ve never had a pet bird. That is unless you count ducks and chickens (I lived on a farm). Some friends have and I am always amazed at how curious and social they are. They are so pretty too.

  7. Our family bird died earlier this year. He was truly a great pet. We may get another one or individual fish tanks for the kids.

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