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I was born in Cagayan de Oro City. Therefore my native dialect is BISAYA or Visayan in English terms. Most of the time, we are always laughed at because when we speak in English we have an intonation that is so distinct. Well most of us have it while others don’t. Nevertheless, I am proud of my dialect.

And since I am patriotic in so many ways, to my country the Philippines, to my hometown – Cagayan de Oro City, to my island – Mindanao, I am also to my dialect BISAYA. So as a sign of patriotism and pride, I have created the community Bisdak Bloggers. This community started as a group in Facebook and then we eventually branched out into a community blog as of yesterday, March 19, 2011, through the support of my fellow bisdak; thus claiming the domain!!

Bisdak is a word coined from Bisayang Dako. Dako means big. So when you say BISDAK, you refer to a person who’s native dialect is BISAYA. So, the name Bisdak Bloggers Network was formed to symbolize a network of people who speaks BISAYA and who BLOGS at the same time.

So, I am inviting you to come and visit our community blog at! Warning, we write in BISAYA most of the time, you might not understand some words. 😀

I am also inviting fellow BISDAK bloggers to come and join us! Let us have fun and be proud of our native dialect!!

17 thoughts on “Bisdak Bloggers

  1. Hi sis Rubz, dapat pala pasalihin ko dito si hubby. may blog siya kakasimula pa lang. he was born and raised in Gensan pero spend half of his life dito na sa Manila. pag may bisaya conversation sa PMC sa kanya ko pina-patranslate ko. 🙂

    kung mamarapatin po, eto ang baby blog niya. thanks. 🙂

  2. Hay, how I wish I could also understand and speak the dialect. I grew up in Manila and my mom forgot to teach me speak Bisaya 🙁 I would hear few words from her so those I only understand, not all.

    Sometimes I think of getting myself a tutor hahah!

    happy sunday!

  3. Kung blogger lang ang lola ko, sigurado kasama na sya sa bisdak group. 😉 she loves meeting bisaya people. She’s from Cagayan too, if I am right. Basta somewhere na malapit jan. hehe

  4. you have the brain and potential of being a leader talaga marz, galing mo mag tayo ng groups, kaya ayun natatawa always ako sa blog kong bisdak hehehe

  5. Nice blogger community. i was born and raised in Manila but can understand Bisaya because of my mom who speaks Bisaya at home, i can’t speak the language though.

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