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Customer relationship management is very important to any business who take their customers seriously. Having a CRM software to handle this can work miracles but can cost much that small companies are having a hard time shelling out some money to benefit their customers. There is a way to go around this, though, and may well work for you. which is a social intranet startup that is fairly new, is offering free CRM software to companies, solo entrepreneurs and contractors that have a maximum of 12 employees. Being online, it will be easy to have access to it and is available 24/7.

What does it look like? Bitrix24’s free CRM has a database for each of the customers and prospects that you have. They can be easily sorted out by events such as phone calls or meetings. Then the sales funnel divides them into logical groups such as new prospects, first contact, quote request, meeting schedule, negotiations and sales, etc. The funnel is actually completely customizable by the user.

The free CRM of Bitrix24 is designed to be easy when it comes to interaction with clients. Like, you can send email to specific group like those under new prospects, at the same time you can get the information like phone numbers of inactive clients for more than six months so that you can later call them all up.

With this free CRM, rights and roles can be assigned to specific employees. This is especially handy when each marketing personnel is responsible only for their specific prospects or clients. The overall head, though, has access to all data.

Your website can be integrated with the CRM if you would like to do so. When a lead is generated like someone visits your website, the data is automatically fed into the Bitrix free CRM. More features can be activated. You can check them out at

Again, the system is totally free for companies with a maximimum of 12 employees, otherwise, it is only $99 per month should your company grow bigger. Take note that the free CRM is just one of the many features avaiable. You can also have instant messenger, project manager, task planner, scheduler and others that can help your business grow.

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