Bizarre News at Dawn

I slept early last night. Aside from the fact that my internet connection was freaking slow, I accompanied my mom in helping the children sleep early. She is helping me impose the new set of sleeping time in the house.

Since I am not really an early sleeper, there is always a tendency that I do wake up early than expected. I am a night owl by nature so sleeping at night is not that suitable for me. So, I found myself awake by 3:30 dawn, about an hour ago.

Anyway, while I was online, I tried entertaining myself by reading bizarre stuffs. One of those odd news that I encountered (actually, it started yesterday) was the so-called Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Photo. This photo is circulating the web via email forwarding. I saw this one from my friend’s blog. The second bizarre story I read was about the dead baby found alive inside its coffin. It was said that the doctors declared the premature baby dead upon birth. Then a few hours later when the baby was delivered at home for the funeral, they family was shocked to hear the baby crying. When they opened the coffin, they saw that the baby was breathing! Isn’t that an odd story? Premature baby declared dead found alive five hours later!

Oh well, I guess life would be very dull if it would stop giving us surprises, don’t you think?

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