Blog Earnings Sent Him to School

Family will always be family. So when I heard that my nephew wanted to go back to school to finish his Secondary Education, I responded to his wishes. My husband and I talked about it and he supported my decision to help send my nephew to back to school.

So just yesterday, my nephew graduated from High School and my blog earnings helped him achieve it. No, he didn’t get any honorable mentions but he got what he wanted – his high school diploma! He has lots of dreams in life and that is what triggered me to help him.

I was not able to attend his graduation ceremony. Though I paid for his tuition fees and weekly allowances, I still believe that his parents, my brother and his wife, should take all the credit. They made him a strong lad with big dreams and I was just there to help them. But after his graduation ceremony, I treated them to an eat-all-you-can lunch together with my husband and my kids. Then, I give him a small amount of money as a graduation gift.

Though he is not my child, I felt good that my blog earnings were able to send him to school. I also felt that his achievement was my achievement too. Anyway, if God-willing and more blessings will come my way, I still want to help him out in college but not as fully committed as before. My eldest is also graduating this Monday from Elementary and will be in High School next year. Since we are transferring her to a private school, I might not have enough funds to fully support a college student. But, just like what I said, I will still help in my own way.

I really thank God I found blogging! Aside from earning in the comforts of my home, I get to spend time with my family and be able to help others as well.

To my nephew, congratulations!! May you achieve all your desires in life. Aim High!

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Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Icar

    congrats mommy rubz!well done!

    they say when you help out someone it comes back three folds, not that we’re expecting something in return but that explains all the blessings you/we receive everyday!

  • mommy Jes

    aw! so sweet!! I know the feeling ng nakapag pa graduate ka ehhehehe ako nung college ako nagpa aral ako ng HS eheheh working student dn kasi ako…ang sarap sa pakramdam talga. nung naka grad ako ng college at nakapag work na ko college nmn n sya nun ehhehe at awa ng DYOS napa graduate ko dn ang kaso wala p dn work hanggang nagyun 🙁 LOL anyway CONGRATS sau sis!!! 🙂 sana dumami p ang blessings n matanggap mo para madami k p matulungan 🙂

  • Nita

    Congrats! I can relate. My pinapaaral din akong niece. Graduating na din sya this coming March 27. Ang sarap ng feeling pag may natulungan kang ibang tao.

    I really believe “the more you give, the more you receive”. Good karma talaga 🙂

    • Donna Jane

      Wow, I admire people like you guys 🙂 really great! <3 Sana when I become an educator a year from now, I can also help others so to school. Just like what others did to me 🙂

  • May

    You are a good person marz, that is why blessings come back to you always. I’m sure you noticed, help comes to you when you need it most… that is because you give out help – no matter how small – to those who always need it most. God bless you always! And congrats to your nephew.

  • jared's mum

    congratulations to your nephew + to you too, mommy Ruby. You really have a generous heart + I am sure the Lord will always find a way to return your kindness in whatever form you might need it! kudos! ^_^

  • Rcel

    Congratulations to your nephew, Mommy! I am happy to see achievements like this. And, congrats to you, too. I’m sure the efforts you’ve extended is beyond compare! It always is amazing when there are people by the sideways who are there to support you. In your nephew’s case, it was you. And yes, all glory belongs to Him so praise God for the providence all through this day!

    I feel the same. My blogging earning have help me and my family but our extended families as well over there. I sure hope that blogging opportunities for us shall continue because I have no plans of stopping paid blogging anytime soon. 🙂

  • Teressa Morris

    Congratulations on your nephew’s achievement!! I hope to be able to make enough money blogging to pay for my son’s college books.

  • Cielo

    salamat sa kwento sis….we need this, lalo na sa mga corporate slave na katulad natin…at lalo na sa mga corporate slave na hindi pa din nakakawala sa pangil nito..inspiration ang mga ganitong post….Hmmmmm gawa nga tayo ng “What blogging has given me / or has bought me”.

    Napakabuti mo sis, kasi kahit na hindi mo sya anak you helped him jumpstart his dream

  • Rosemarie-Pinay Single Mom

    congratulations to yout nephew and to you also Mommy, i don’t know why but i am teary eyed while reading your blog post. Maybe because in one way or another I am also helping my nephew and nieces in my our little way. I’ll be really happy if one day I saw them graduate..

  • Melle lee

    yes, family will always be family.. They will always accept and love you for who you are when other people doesnt seem to care.. lol and wow happy graduation to them.. my mom told me that it’s always a mother’s pride whenever her kid graduates.. Though he is not your child, I can feel the happiness in your heart..

  • Lui

    so heartwarming. your kind heart with be blessed a thousand fold and im sure your nephew seeing you and his parents as an example would strive more for success.

  • Gene

    Ang galing Mommy! Congrats to your nephew at sayo na rin. Blogging didn’t just helped your family but it also allowed you to help others. Cheers to you and may you receive more blessings. Tapos share mo samin hehehe.

  • Donna Jane

    I can see my life here , same with your niece, my aunt and grandma send me to college but also with the help of government scholarship and academic scholarship I’m getting from my school. I’m also providing my own allowance through blogging opportunities but not always lucky 🙂 . I am really thankful of people like you , my aunt and my grandma 🙂 Helping someone reach something in life 🙂

  • Tina

    Congratulations to your nephew sis.. I also support one of my niece who is in High School diha sa CDO. 🙂

    More blessings are coming your way sis.. mao daw na, the more you give, the more you receive.

  • Jessica Cassidy

    yay! congrats to you Momi Ruby and to your nephew too for graduating in high school 🙂 You are truly one of a kind Momi Ruby 🙂 May GOD continue to shower you and your family a bountiful blessings everyday in your life. Thank you too for helping me with my blogs. I know that I am a pain in the butt yet you still help me 🙂

  • Ane

    You are truly a person with a big and good heart! I am so very lucky to have met a person like you.. 🙂 You inspire me to be a better person! 🙂

    I wish your nephew more luck and success so that he can fulfill his dreams.. 🙂

    To you Mommy Rubz, God bless you more! :*

  • Mela

    that’s great mommy rubz:-) you really have a big and generous heart. your family is blessed to have you. keep on blogging and doing good!

  • Phebie

    wow! so nice the feeling that you were able to share ur blessings(financially) to others..Congrats to him and to you Ate!

  • Pinx

    congratulations! wow mommy Rubz! would love to do that too someday, but for now, i don’t earn that much from blogging and what i earn, just goes to the food on our table. but would really love to share my blessings one of these days. congrats again to your nephew and to you as well!

  • Istin (@istin21)

    WOW! this one is so inspirational. Good job for a job well done. not only an amazing mom but also a generous aunt 😀

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