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Blog Under Construction Coming Your Way


In the next few hours or days, you would probably notice that my blog won’t look good or even viewable. The reason behind it… as my blog post title goes – blog under construction!

Yup… with all the time that I have right now due to the community quarantine, I can now sit down and tinker my blog again. Well, I already have a lot of time a few weeks ago but I have decided to discover new Korean dramas and American series on Netflix. So… this is mainly the reason why I am starting to focus on changing my blog’s theme.

Anyway, I can really just find a ready-made WordPress theme but somehow I have decided to use the premium themes I bought a year ago. I don’t have much time to study how the themes work last year so I decided not to pursue it. And now… yes… I have the time… I can now scratch my head until all things will work according to my taste. And I can justify the phrase blog under construction because I am really trying to build here! Hahaha…

I am excited because it has been years since I tinkered on my blog. The last time I talked about my blog under construction was back in 2008. That was 12 years ago! There was a time that I was addicted to blog makeovers! I had a lot of time in the world that I kept changing the looks of my other blogs. But for this blog, I have changed a lot many times after that. I just didn’t blog about it. I always thought of really working on this blog again but time wasn’t favorable for me. Now… this is my chance to be productive! Are you excited to see how my blog will look? Well… see you in the next few days…

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