Blogging and Termites

When I was in Bacolod, every time I blogged in the middle on the night, I could hear termites eating the wall of our apartment. You may think I might be exaggerating but I do really hear them. That is how termite infested our rented apartment was.
Anyway, since I haven’t actually seen what a termite looked like, I chose to research about it. And below is what a termite looks like on an up close and personal scale:

Aside from how a termite looks, I also found out that there are many kinds of termites. Actually, there are four; namely flying termites, drywall termites, subterranean termites and formosan termites. There also many chemicals that can be used to kill them but just like an illness – prevention is still better than cure.

If you are having problems, I suggest you visit for more information on how to kill and prevent termites’ infestation so that you wouldn’t experience hearing them eating your wall apart. LOL!!

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