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This is a response to the call of BlogCatalog for bloggers to unite against the violation of Human Rights.

Philippines has experienced a lot of instances that human rights were violated. History can speak for itself. And now, media and journalists are also pressured to shut-up. Aside from them, some people just vanish without a trace because that person is an active activist.

In China, they hold the largest number of journalist prisoners like Shi Tao just for sending an email which Yahoo helped provided information to the Chinese Government. In the US at Guantánamo Bay, many are detained without any reasonable cause. Not only that but many have been abducted secretly and has been tortured. In Darfur, Sudan, peaceful citizens are being abused through widespread murder, rape and abduction.

Around the world, human rights are being violated. They have no voice or whatsoever. Today, we will be the voice. Stop Human Rights Violation!!

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